Family Time [Xmas Chronicles 2k17 N°1]

 Hello There, Party People!

It’s Tuesday, as I’m writing this. Not for long though, only for another 35 minutes, since I’m not only very good at procrastinating, I’m also amazing at getting distracted by things, and I started getting this post ready hours ago, but I kept getting sidetracked by other things. Like my new coffee machine! Yes, I now have a proper, functioning coffee machine again, thanks to my aunt and dad. I will make a whole separate post about it, since that’s the kind of person I am. But I’ll tell you right now, that I am extremely happy that I can make real coffee again, these past few weeks have been a pain.

Back to the post, A few weeks before Christmas, my family and I always gather around in someones kitchen, to make our Christmas Meatballs. They are very important, and that year I was strictly vegetarian I made my grandma make me vegetarian meatball dough, no ready-made veggie  meatballs here, oh no. I need the real deal, or as real as meatballs can get for a 13-year-old who refused to eat meat for 5 months straight. Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being vegetarian or vegan, it’s personally something I strive to be, and I haven’t eaten meat on a daily basis for over 4 years, I’m just not cut out for a strictly vegan diet at this point in life. Maybe I’ll make a post about that, or video even. Who knows if I’ll stick to my words this time, ey.

Even this year the Brave family gathered around to make those balls. Except for my uncle and his famalam who lives up north, who we haven’t seen in over a year, but we do get to see daily videos of my 1-year-old cousin being cute, which is nice, even though I would like to see him be cute in person, too.

But now I have to take my god damn melatonin, so maybe I can get up at a reasonable time tomorrow. See ya!

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