Friday, 21st of October 2016 // Sweater Weather




Second Hand






Second Hand


Second Hand

Hi, there, friends! Today I am showing you my most recent clothing purchases, which is a few sweaters, since that’s what I have been enjoying wearing recently, especially with my cape. I’m from now on gonna try my hardest to not buy anymore clothes, this season/year, except for possibly some more over-the-knee socks that I want, and necessities that may possibly show up, like underwear. I will still allow myself to sew new clothes, and possibly buy something if I really, really, want it. Though, I’m gonna try to be good, and hopefully clear out my closet, too, and get rid of some stuff. I bought a new pair of shoes this week, too, which I am planning on showing in another post soon, so look out for that!

I’m now gonna spend the rest of my evening in front of my laptop, while working on some sewing projects and eat dinner. See ya!

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