Friday, December 9th 2016


Hi! Today I bought a bunch of sparkly stuff. Everyone is so very surprised, I know, I know… I bought some white iridescent tinsel that I’m gonna put on my bed, along with my fairly lights. I have had a bunch of different ones before, I had one with pumpkins last Halloween, and I had a gold one last Christmas, that I had on until a few months ago. I did also buy a thick pink tinsel in October, but it didn’t fit so that now hangs around one of my mirrors. This one that I bought today, I think is going to go on my bed nicely, since it is 5 meters long, instead of the normal 2-3 meters that tinsel usually is. Maybe I’ll show you some pictures of my apartment some day!

I also bought some glittery ribbon for gift wrapping, and a few rolls of wrapping paper so I can wrap my Christmas gifts in style.

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