I Bought A Frog

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I know I said I would keep up with my posting schedule, and I am trying. I’ve kept procrastinating finishing my dress that I’m planning to show you, but it’s all done now, I just need to take the pictures for the post. I was actually planning on doing that today, but earlier today it was raining a bit, and I didn’t want to have a little photoshoot outside in the rain, which is understandable, and I’m not really a fan of taking outfit pictures and such inside, my apartment is not that big, and I still find it quite hard to take pictures of interior and such, since it always tend to look weird and not at all as good as it looks in real life, I even tend to take my selfies outside, since I do find taking pictures outside is a lot easier, and they always come out a lot prettier than the ones I take inside. It probably doesn’t help that my walls are beige, which looks completely fine, and works very well in real life, but if the lighting isn’t great they always come out a really strange shade of yellow on photos.

But yes, I like to take my photos outside, it takes a lot less effort to make your surroundings look good, and I basically have an entire park as my backyard so that usually works out well for me. But, as I said, I was going to take the pictures today, but I ended up really anxious and hysterically crying over my dinner, so I didn’t want to take pictures or put any effort into looking decent after that, but I am really hoping to take some good pictures of the dress tomorrow, and also tell you a little about the process and such.

I have a few other posts coming up soon as well, I have three birthday parties this weekend, and I have a few clothing items that need a few quick fixes, and I’m thinking about taking some before and after pictures, and write a little about what I’m fixing and why. I’m gonna try and maybe take a couple of outfit pictures for one of the birthday parties, but for now I’m leaving you with this little interior haul that I uploaded to my YouTube yesterday, I might even get another one up fairly soon, since I have bought a couple of more fashion-y pieces this week as well. But I’ll see you soon, and I hope you have a great day!

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