I Have a Male Cold


Hello there friends, I do realise that I haven’t made a post in a little bit too long. I don’t have a good excuse except for my own extra laziness now that school is up and running again. But anyways, here is a little update; mt friends and I are reunited once again after a whole summer of not being able to see eachother in person. One day on break we did take a whole lot of dumb selfies on Hanna’s iPad, and you can see some of our faveourites on my instagram.

Right now on the other hand I am not in school and around this time yesterday I felt like I was on my deathbed. I have gotten a cold. Shock and horror, I know. I never really get physicaly ill, but when I do, I get a terrible cold. So these days are mostly spent in bed, either napping or being online. I know what you’re thinking, “Emma, that’s what you everyday anyways”. You’re right, except this time there is some extra napping, more coughing and some extra “I feel sorry for myself and so should everyone else”. So it’s different. Not the same.

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