[Coffee & Co]

I went outside today for something else than shopping, cool stuff.


My dad and I went out to eat today, but it was a bufé, so the food didn’t look appealing enough to take a photo. Sorry. But we did go to an ice cream bar for a vanilla latte and a frappucino. Guess which one’s mine? If you guessed the vanilla latte you guessed right. You really should’ve guessed the vanilla latte. Do you want me to say vanilla latte again? Vanilla Latte.


My dad tried to “hide” my coffee. I could still see it, but I did forget to take his lid of when I was about to drink.


He also put his straw in my coffee. I’m not sure why he did all this, but in my family we don’t need a reason. He also helped me take some photos of my new dress I was wearing, so I will try and post those within the next 24 hours. Promise.

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