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I was out for coffee three times last week, which almost is a bit extreme, even for me. I only took pictures of it twice though, as you can see. The first one was last Monday when we took a train to Gothenburg, for no particular reason at all. I visited a Topshop store for the first time, because I’m so extremely smart and hadn’t even thought about the fact that they have a store there. I didn’t have enough money to buy anything there, but I did buy a new stretcher, nothing fancy really, the only colour they had in the right size was white so it’s quite boring actually. I didn’t buy anything else, except for a Venti Vanilla Latte(obviously) and a pack of mints at Starbucks.

Then later on that week, on Friday to be exact we went to Espresso House and I had an impulse to try something new! I’m usually very exciting and normally take the same thing when I have coffee, which is a Vanilla Latte or, if they don’t have that, a normal latte. But this time I felt like trying something different and I went with an Ice coffee, which actually was just a cold Vanilla Latte, so not that new and exciting but still. Even later on that week I went for coffee with a friend and that was very nice:)

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