Christmas Celebration #2 // Monday, 02.01.17

Hey bros! Here is my post for my second Christmas Celebration of 2016 AKA Christmas Eve. I started the day out with actually getting out of bed in time, shockingly, and then I went to my mum’s new house. She and my siblings moved in with her boyfriend in a new house that same week, so it was my first time vising her there. Unfortunately her lighting wasn’t very good, so I really get any good photos. But I did get some nice gifts, like a new bottle of coconut hairspray and a new tube of my favourite eyelash glue from House of Lashes, some giftcards and a cool Pokémon iron-bead art thing from my sister.

Later on I went to my grandparent’s house with my dad to hang and have some food and watch some TV, since we did our main celebration with that side of the family on Christmas Day.

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