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Emma's Latest Coffee Adventures 4.0


 My dad and I went out for some coffee, and we bought two snack-packs of shortbread. They where very tasty and I will most likely buy more at some point.


My valentines treat, from my mum. There was two coffee-mugs on the table as well, one of them had Batman on it.


 This was my little treat to my self. Not a valentines one, just a regular one, cause I deserve it.


I was meant to post this on instagram on valentines, but the app wasn’t working with me, and I spent at least three minutes putting these clip-art things on the picture in pixlr. Which is three minutes more than I would like to waste on something I’m not posting. So, here you go. My own special belayed valentines card 2k15.

 So, this is what I have been up to, since like, Thursday. I have also been grocery shopping, but I didn’t take any pictures of that, so this is all you’re getting, for today.

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