Nordens Ark – Class Trip 2.0


A flower in one of the enclosures. 


My friends looking into the same enclosure.




A selfie taken while we were grilling hot dogs.


Hey there, my buddies! Today I’m here with the second set of photos from our trip to Nordens ArkFirst post here.

We walked around looking at all the different animals for a while, and we also stopped for some snacks on the way. I don’t have that many pictures, since my camera died in the middle of everything and the pictures I took on my phone are mostly selfies, though I have this Instagram post of the view from where we ate our snacks.

Later on, after we had returned to our Hotel rooms, and I had charged my camera, we went out to grill some hot dogs, and just hang out a little bit. There was a playground, which my friends and I had a lot of fun playing in, since we are mature young adults. I even put Erik’s sunglasses on top of my real glasses and no one seemed to notice anything.

Right now though, I’m about to go dye my hair, and I’m planning on filming another haul tomorrow, so that will hopefully be up in the next couple of days. See ya!

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