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PokéUpdates N° 1 [October 15th – October 21st 2018]

Hello, Party People and happy Tuesday!

Today Im coming at you with a little Pokéon Go update, and sharing the progress I made last week. Pokémon Go and coffee are still the main two reasons that I leave my house, ever. So I thought its more than right that I share that part of my life with you, aswell.

On October 16th, I Evoled a Poochyena to a Mightyena and a Loudred to a Exploud and registered those two in my Pokédex. I also caught my first Mareep and that got registered, too.

On October 19th, I caught a Turtwig, a Bidoof and a Kricketot, all three new to my Pokédex.

Lastly, on October 21st, I won two raids, both which was caught and registered to my Pokédex. The first one was an Absol and the second one a Shinx. I also evolved a Beldum to a Metang and an Omanyte to an Omastar. Those two were also new to my Pokédex.


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