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Starbucks Almond Plant-Based Iced Coffee Review

Hello Party People and happy Saturday! Today I’m doing a review on the Starbucks Almond Plant-Based Iced Coffee drink that I tried this past week.

I found that this Almond-based Starbucks option tastes quite similar to the “normal” milk-based Starbucks drinks, though I could probably tell them apart. I should point out that it has been a while since I drank a milk-based Starbucks drink, so I’m going of memory when comparing the two.

The drink doesn’t taste too sweet, and I can taste the coffee in this drink, compared to some drinks that lean more towards chocolate milk than a latte on the flavor-scale. Its sweetness doesn’t taste the same as a milk-based would, as milk has its own type of sweetness that vegan substitues lack.

Speaking of vegan options, I have tried a few different oat-based coffee drinks, both store-bought, and barista-made, and I can absolutely tell the difference between this almond-based one and those oat-based ones. I do prefer the oat-based drinks, but I do also have a strong preference for oat milk over both regular milk and other substitutes.

In conclusion: Did I enjoy this drink? Yes, I very much did. I really appreciate that the Starbucks brand came out with a vegan option in their coffee drink line. I will realistically buy this again, though it isn’t going to be my go-to vegan coffee drink. That is still going to be my oat-based options, since those are my favourite.

I’m giving this drink 3.5/5 stars.

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