? Sunday // 19.11.17 ?







Hello, Party People! This past  weekend we had our bi-weekley family dinner at our mom’s house. We had tacos, with two kilos of minced meat, and corn.  Not two kilos of corn, but like, at least three corn.

I took a picture of my coffee in front of the newly fallen snow, and my sister told me that no one is gonna believe I’m drinking my coffee outside anyways, which to be fair, they probably wouldn’t. That picture is on Instagram, if you wanna see it (you should look at it).

My mom’s friend – the one we went to Ullared with – came over and we all had a chat before my mom and her boyfriend headed to the gym, and I headed home. To my cat. He’s as of this very moment, curled up in a ball on my bed, being very adorable. See ya!

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