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Sunday, December 4th 2016



Two new tubes of acrylic paint, a small canvas and a set of watercolours.



A pair of fairy lights with starts, a pair of touch screens and a holiday pack of KitKats.



A nails polish and a eyeshadow palette.

Hey, pals! Today I am, as you can see, sharing some photos of the things I bought this past Friday, I am practicing taking staged photos, like flat lays and such, because I never really feel happy with them, but I want them to be good, so I’m practicing.

I didn’t plan on buying any of these things, but I went out with my dad and he had to pick something up, so we ended up going to fiftyeight different shops looking for it, and I ended up spending a lot of money. I bought some new art things, since after doing some lettering with paint the other day I really feel like getting back into painting. I also bought a cheap set of watercolours, because I wanted to try it out, I haven’t used watercolours since I was in like, middle school, so I started out with something affordable.

I bought another string of fairy lights, they where on a really good sale, and I thought it would be nice to add another string to my bed frame, where I already have one set, and these one has stars on it, so that will be cute!

I bought these touch screen gloves, because I have three touch screen devises, which two of is always with me, and I wanted some gloves that weren’t black and basic, and these were cute, and they where cheap, too.

The KitKat I bought mostly because I thought the packaging was cute, and I like KitKats a lot.

I also bought a new 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Color from Wet n Wild in the shade It’s Sher-Bert Day! and a Electric palette from Technic Beauty. I have that palette in another shade that I bought from another shop, and I had thought of buying it in this shade from there, too, but it was less expensive in the shop we went to, so I impulsively bought it there. As you do.

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