The First Weekend of April Birthday Trilogy Part 3.0





Hey there again! Can you believe it’s Sunday again? I feel like it was just Sunday of last week, but then again, I haven’t really done anything this week, since I’ve had that cold. I wasn’t sure if it was a cold or allergies at first, but after discussing symptoms with my dad I’ve come to the conclusion that it was both. But the cold part is now over, and I’ve started taking allergy medication again, so I’m much better. I’m actually planning on going to school this week as well, I wasn’t there anything this week, and the week before that was our Easter break. I’m not actually in school that much, I go to a special unit at my school for people with Autism Spectrum diagnoses and because of that, and my depression and anxiety, school is very difficult. Not only school work, but just getting out of bed in the mornings and going to school is extremely difficult for me, and I am on a part time sick leave from school because of it. I do try, but it is very hard for me, and I lack motivation, which doesn’t help at all, it just makes it harder. But I do go there some times, even if it’s not as much as I, and the people around me, would’ve wanted.

But this post is supposed to be about my sister’s second birthday party, that she had last Saturday. It was fun, and it is actually nice to socialize sometimes, even if I never admit it.

I don’t have much to say today, but I will be back in the coming week with some new posts, so I’ll see you soon.

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