The things I do are not for you.

Earlier today, I was in a car, listening to the radio. Then I heard something, something that I’ve heard many times before. Something that have made me angry every time. On the radio, there was a man, complaining about women wearing “too much” makeup, false eyelashes, fake tan, push up bras etc. There was even a woman calling on the phone agreeing with what he said. He claimed he was being fooled, and he and other men didn’t know what they actually got when they went out with a woman. That there even might be an old lady under all that.

First of all; No. Second of all; Hell no.

When will they learn? The things that we do are not for you. Not so you can be happy. Not for your pleasurement. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up for someone. Nothing. But for men(mainly) to think that that is the only reason women do things, is honestly, fucking stupid. Have it ever crossed your tiny little mind that women do things because they want to? No? Didn’t think so either. I, and many other women really enjoy playing with makeup. Noy only to feel a bit prettier and more confident, but because I enjoy it. A lot. And that is why I do it. I at times wear false eyelashes constantly. Why? Because I like the way it looks. I like the way it makes me look. And that’s why I wear it. Do you know why people fake tan? I think I do. Why? Because they feel more confident and better when they’re tan. Or maybe they just don’t feel confident when they’re pale. Do you know why girls wear push up bras? I think I know this one as well. Why? Because they like the way it makes them feel, the way it makes them look. They feel more confident. It is believe it or not because they want to trick you into bed with them, and then for you to get dissapoineted beacause they’re “only a B-cup”. I for one, do not see the point in wearing push up bras. I think boobs are great. No matter what size, small or big. But, I can see why others wear them.

So, to all boys and men who think that everything women do is to please you; You’re wrong. So, so, so wrong. Women have other things in mind than you. Yes, I know you find that hard to understand, but that’s the case. Sorry. No, I’m not sorry. In your fucking face, dumbass. Yes. That felt better

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