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The Weekend I Saw Endgame

Hello, Party People and Happy Monday. It’s time for another weekend in pictures.

Saturday, April 27th:

On Saturday my dad, my aunt and I took a mini road-trip to Gothenburg because my aunt was getting a piercing. We were supposed to go clothes shopping for my dad afterward but we decided against it after some traffic frustrations occurred and just ended up eating lunch at an I love Pizza restaurant instead. I had a Tokyo Salad which was absolutely delicious.

Sunday, April 28th:

On Sunday my movie gang and I went to see Endgame at the cinema, which was absolutely amazing, though those are far too weak of words to summarize and I’m not yet capable of giving it a fair try. I am very emotionally invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I was indeed crying thru most of the movie and I still tear up talking about it. Though it’s only been 24 hours so that’s not very strange.

All in all, the movie was amazing, I am heartbroken and I have spent the last day watching all the Marvel movies I have on DVD. Also crying.

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