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A Newly Made Bag // Thursday, 23.02.17

Hello, friends! I told you in my last post that I spent this past weekend making a bag, and that I was going to show it to you in my next post. So, here I am, actually keeping my word! I sewed all the seams by hand, which is why they are not perfect, I have yet to master that technique. Though, I have to say, I kind of like it like this.

The bag is made out of a slightly metallic silver faux leather, that I got a piece off at my local fabric shop. It was in a bin with large scarps of fabric for really cheap, and it was the first thing I saw when I walked into the shop, and I new I had to have it. It was cut a bit weird, which is why it was in the bin, but I didn’t have a problem with that, since I already knew what I wanted to make, and the piece was more than enough. I even have enough to make a small accessory or something like that.

The lining is made out of the same material, and has a smaller pocket on the inside, where I keep my cardholder right now, along with my stamp-cards for different shops that don’t really fit in the cardholder.

The outside has a big pocket that is the same with as the rest of the bag, which fits things nicely, even though I’m not really keeping anything in it right now. It only has a little charity pin stuck through it at the moment.

The zipper is just a zipper that I had at home, and was chosen because it was the only one I had that fit. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it though, I might switch it out if I find something prettier, though I did find a little pal in pretty much the exact same colours as the zipper, which is fun.

The chain is one that I bought at my local hardware shop, and the D-rings are two small ones from the same fabric shop. It’s long enough for the bag to hang on my shoulder and it isn’t uncomfortable at all, though I might make it detachable in the future and make an extra crossbody strap as well.

Overall, I am really, really happy with what I made even though it isn’t perfect, I still love it a lot.

That was all I had to say today, so I’ll see you next time. Almond Out.

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