The Days In Between // Tuesday, 10.01.17

Hey, friends! These are some photos of what I got up to during the days in between  Christmas and New Years. I played some with my new art supplies, and I’ve drawn a lot this year, already, mostly just doodles, but I am having a lot if fun, and today I even finished my Charizard drawing, for my #pokedoodleswalmond series, which I have been putting off for months, but now I think I’m done with is, so hopefully I’ll get my photos up on the gram this week.

I’ve also been drinking lots of coffee, obviously, and I bought some things for myself. A few of those are showed in a little haul that I’m planning on putting up on YouTube tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. I decided to buy myself a new wallet, since I felt like my cardholder wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I’m really happy with the one that I got, and it fits perfectly in one of the pockets in my new bag, speaking of which, I’m planning on ACTUALLY making a What’s In My Bag video this time around, let’s hope so.

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