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Hello, Party People! A few weeks ago now, me and some family/family friend went to a Ullared for some – for a lot – of shopping. We started the day off at my mom’s house with some breakfast before we started our car journey. In the car we discussed things, such as if my mom and her friend is allowed to like the song Thunder by Imagine Dragons. I believe they are, though my 13-year-old sister is strongly against it.

Before we arrived at our destination, we made a little stop at a clothing shop, so my sister could exchange some jeans.  She likes the ones WITHOUT rips. If you were curious.

After a while we did end up in the lovely town of Ullared, aka Sweden’s biggest tourist attraction, known for their HUGE retail store were they sell things very cheap. It’s great honestly. They also have a store dedicated to condoms, which we did not end up visiting. Saving something for next time, I suppose.

We decided to park right next to the shopping cart, and my little brother got to go get one, while us adults chugged a cup of coffee to collect our strength before we headed into the storm. He decided to get one that was made in the 1800’s and we were all a bit confused as to how it was still alive. Mom made him change it. Rude.

somewhere along the way we had lunch, and of course I took pictures of the food, you know me, can’t eat it otherwise. Though I have absolutely no idea where those photos went, and in my folder were just pictures of cut up tomatoes in a bowl. Not my curry.

We continued to shop our way through our wealth, and I bought tones of ramen, cause you know I live on that stuff, and I inspired my brother to buy a pack of mini donuts, which he severely struggled to find.

On our way back to the motherland – or mothertown, I guess – we decided we needed fuel aka more coffee, and stopped at a McDonald’s were my sister struggled to explain to our mom what a “Donken Deal” is. That’s basically were all the pictures in this post are from. An unknown McDonald’s with a much fancier interior and me showing a camera in my acquaintances faces.

There will be some sort of haul from my shopping trip, in either video of blog post format, so stay tuned, kids.

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