Wednesday, 19th of October 2016 // All The Small Things



Hi, friends! Yesterday I did a small amount of shopping (“smal”), I bought a new pair of eyelashes, since I lost my last pair about two weeks ago, since I had taken them off and put them down and never saw them again, so they re probably floating around in space somewhere.  I also bought myself a new nail polish, it’s a 1 step gel formula from Wet n Wild, which I wanted to try because I wanted something that will – hopefully – last longer than the normal ones that I wear. I have been really unmotivated to wear polish recently because I have been struggling extra much with my OCD, and I cannot for the life of me stop picking at the skin around my nails and on my fingers, even though it makes me want to cry all the time. I realised this week that it’s a tiny bit easier for me to resist my compulsions when my nails look pretty, but I also know that when my polish starts chipping they get worse, so this is what I’m trying out.

I also bought two scented candles that will hopefully make my home smell nice.

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