Ramblings With Almond // Wednesday, 25.01.17

Heyyo, Party people! Today, I had a both anxious, and good day, at the same time. Yay me! I ordered a pair of shoes from Asos last week, and I realised way too late that they still had my old number from the last time I ordered from them, at the very end of 2014. And by way too late, I mean yesterday, when DHL’s tracker service had already told me that “The reciever has been notified”. Though, I had not been notified. This ended in my dad and I trying to guess where my dear parcel had been delivered too, though we gave up three shops in, and decided to call DHL today. Then I decided to make my dad drive me to McDonald’s so I could buy myself one of their new Caramel Lattes and a new Triple Chocolate Donuts, both which are very good, though I did get chocolate filling all over my hands.

But anyways, back to the parcel. Today my dad and I where going to a nearby town, to buy my last Christmas present, a coffee grinder, very exciting, and in the car I anxiously browsed through DHL’s website, to figure out what number to call, though I figured out wrong so they had to redirect us to the right one. My dad helped me with the whole talking part of the phone call, aka the whole of it. Phone calls have been very, very difficult for me for a very long time, and I took me over five years of talking to my dad on the phone several times a week for me to not feel both frustrated and anxious when I talk to him, and I can even call him on my own now. Phone calls with other people are still quite hard, they mostly make me anxious now, though I still have my days and times when they make me frustrated and I sound rude, even though I don’t mean to. I would not be any good in customer service etc. since I struggle a lot with controlling the tone of my voice and I often sound rude and angry without intending to.

But yet again, back to the parcel. The DHL people told us where to pick up the parcel and that’s what we did when we got back to town. So now I’m here, in front of me laptop with my new shoes and coffee grinder, and I’m full of tacos that we bought on our way home.

Yesterday, I finally bought some new watercolour paper and I’m working on my next #pokedoodleswalmond, which you can see a little sneak peak of pictured above, along with a Flapjack bar and cup of coffee. The picture that’s even more above than the drawing, the one of a McDonald’s donut, is actually not from yesterday, it’s from when I ordered the same thing + some Chili Cheese Tops at the end of last week.

I think we can all agree that I’ve rambled on for too long, so I’ll see you next time. Almond out.

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