When Your Favourite Thing Gets Infested // Saturday, 08.04.17

Since I am a person, who for many reasons tend to like things very intensely, I have a lot of favourite things. Like TV-shows. I have a lot of favourite TV-shows, and therefor a lot of favourite characters. But TV-show do, like real life does, have a lot of different kinds of characters. Characters you like, or even love, characters who are just kind of there, bad characters. Characters who you don’t actually like, but you want them there anyways, ’cause they make the show more exciting. There are characters who should probably be labeled a villain, but you love them anyways. And then there are characters, or people, who just makes you downright uncomfortable, and you really would rather have them killed off or shipped away to the moon, than to have them continue to infest your very favourite thing.

It’s even worse when your favourite character, your own god damn child, likes them. Or worse, loves them. Because now, not only are they infesting your favourite thing, and you have to endure them in general, but every time your fave is on the screen, so are they. You are just trying to enjoy the thing, but every time they are on the screen, you get this weird feeling in your stomach, and you kinda want to turn it of forever, kind of want to cry.

But what do you do? What do you do, when your favourite thing gets infested?

Well, there are two main options; You either continue to at least try and enjoy the thing, even with them there, even though it is very hard. Or, you call it quits. You simply stop spending your time on the thing, and find something else to occupy yourself with. Or you make a angry twitter account dedicated to writing mean things about them, the actor who plays them. Not that I would recommend that last option, since sending online hate has never worked out well for ANYONE. Maybe if you want to let your feelings out, I would recommend some angry journaling. Being mean to people has never been good, though people are allowed to dislike things.

I personally, just continues to enjoy the thing, even with them there. I have t say it’s easier when they are not actually real. But I still struggle. But in all honesty, I am to attached to my favourite things to just stop caring when some asshat is trying to ruin all the fun for me.

Now I am going to go continue my endless Internet browsing, and Party People, stay kind, and stay cool. Almond out.

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